Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent: A Roomy, Comfortable Tent Experience

Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent in the sunlight

At Hiking Mastery, we love backpacking and everything else life in the wildness has to offer. Even more than that, we love sharing our experience and findings with fellow lovers of outdoor life. Today we bring you an in-depth look at the ALPS Mountaineering Chaos Tent and what makes it tick.

Every backpacker wishes to have a safe and comfortable place to rest and shed off the thrill of the day’s adventure. The Chaos tent is designed to give you that place without breaking your back on the way. The tent comes in two sizes with the smaller size meant to accommodate two people and the larger one meant for three people.

In this particular assessment, we will focus on the ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 2-Person Tent. The tent has become a favorite item with many backpackers owing to its great features that were made with the camper’s safety and comfort in mind.

This 2 person tent from ALPS Mountaineering is lightweight, has excellent ventilation and has strong weatherproof features. It is designed to give warm weather campers a comfortable and safe place to lounge and rest between the long trekking days. The 3 season tent gives you a place to relax so that the next day you are ready to explore nature’s mysteries some more.


The tent itself has dimensions of 41 x 56 x 41 inches and weighs 4.9 pounds. When it is shipped, it will weigh 6.6 pounds due to the padding and care, taken to not break the items during delivery.

Two adults camping in the forest

The tent comes with a rainfly, 7075 aluminum stakes, 7000 series aluminum poles, pole bag, tent storage bag, stake bag, guy lines, repair swatches, and mesh storage pocket. The tent storage bag compacts it down and makes it small enough to comfortably fit in your backpack.

Durability and Design

The polyester fabric on the fly stretches out really well with no risk of damage and resists UV damage. The fabric of both the fly and the floor are coated with urethane and their seams are factory sealed to keep you dry on rainy days. The vestibules and doors have extra large #8 zippers, which never get stuck, giving you a seamless experience when opening or closing the tent.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent

If you have ever encountered a faulty tent zipper, then you know how frustrating that can be. These extra large and sturdy zippers open and close effortlessly. A combination of the above features makes the ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 2 tent a strong contender on the list of the best 2 person 3 season backpacking tents.

Weight and Space

Although it is a little heavier than some other 2 person tents, the Chaos 2 person tent proves that it is worth the extra pound or two. It’s strong and weatherproof materials are worth that little extra weight. In reward for bearing the extra weight, you get yourself a safe and comfortable little home in the wilderness. The extra weight includes a rain fly and the tent comes with more poles than most of the other same size tents.

Two person camping in nature with alps mountaineering tent

At 33 square feet of floor area, the Chaos 2 tent, has ample space for two people to sleep comfortably. The tent is made even more spacious with two vestibules, which add 17 square feet each. The extra space can be used to keep your gear so the main tent area is free of clutter. Its space is just perfect for two people who want to snuggle the night away while gazing at the stars. If you want to sleep separately, however, you might want to consider using a 3-person tent for two people instead.


The Chaos 2 tent is a very sturdy tent with several features aimed at enhancing stability and protection. The full coverage weatherproof fly clasps onto the tent for maximum protection and has extra guy-outs for more stability in case of bad weather. The two vestibules also add more protection in times of harsh weather.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent and two persons in the background

The polyester fabric on the fly stretches out really well with no risk of damage and resists UV damage. The fabric of both the fly and the floor are coated with urethane and their seams are factory sealed to keep you dry on rainy days.


The door and roof are made out of mesh to allow free movement of air into and out of the tent for maximum aeration, keeping the tent cool and fresh even on hot nights.

ALPS Mountaineering Chaos

The mesh top will also allow you a view of the sky without leaving the comfort of your sleeping bag while the ventilation brings in the cool outdoor breeze to give you a peaceful sleep even on a hot night.

Ease of Assembly and Use

Setting up your Chaos 2 backpacking tent is very easy. The instructions are attached to the inside of the tent, but after the first time, you will probably never need to refer to the instructions again. Thanks to the corded continuous pole system, this is one of the easiest tents to set up, and thanks to the clips that easily snap over the poles make the setting up even faster.

The setup instructions are printed and sewed onto the inside of the tent if you need to make reference, although that is highly unlikely, since the setup process is really straight forward, and after some practice, the whole process should take you about five minutes or even less if you have some help.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent in a park

Using your tent is simple, as the zippers and flaps all work flawlessly, and you can sleep with ease. The ventilation is great so you do not feel overheated or claustrophobic. Overall, this is a simple-to-use tent, as well as easy to put together.

Value for the Money

Users find it hard to believe that this tent is so reasonably priced for what you get. All of these great features, include the amount of space, surely, make it seem like this tent would be hundreds of dollars, but it is not.

A man preparing to get out of his Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent

With the ease of portability, use, and overall great materials, users have swooned over how wonderful the value for the money is with this piece of equipment.

The Chaos 2 tent has an overall 4.5 rating on Amazon and its ratings across other authority sites remain in the same range and at times even higher. Of the 88 users who have so far rated it on Amazon, 78% of those users felt that it deserved a 5-star rating and only 4% gave it one star.

If user reviews are to be used as the yardstick to measure the performance of this tent, then it is safe to say that with 78% of its users giving it a full vote of confidence, the Chaos 2 from ALPS Mountaineering has made its mark in the backpacking camping community.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent in the wild in summer time

Many campers have praised this tent’s easy setup process with a couple of people saying it takes them about five minutes to finish putting the tent up. If you have some help and both of you have worked with the tent before, it may even take you as little as three minutes to finish putting up both the tent and the rain fly. This is mainly thanks to its corded continuous pole system.


  • Weatherproof fly
  • Lightweight
  • Extra large zippers
  • Very easy to set up
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Two entrances
  • Comes with a compact storage bag
  • Spacious vestibules
  • Three season tent


  • Heavier than some other 2 person backpacking tents
  • Not ideal for extreme wind conditions

When choosing your backpacking tent, make a list of the basic features you feel will make your camping experience safe and enjoyable and check that list against the various tents on the market to see which one strikes the best balance between your desired features.

The ALPS mountaineering Chaos 2 person tent blends the best of the necessary features for an exciting and safe backpacking experience. Its design strikes a good balance between weight, safety, and comfort.

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