Big Agnes Q-Core SL Insulated Sleeping Pad: A True Bed Replacement for You

Big Agnes Q-Core sleeping pad on a table in the park

Sleeping is one of the most important things a human body requires in order to function and look properly, our body needs a decent amount of rest, but just like with a lot of things quantity does not have to be the only important thing, it is also the quality of sleep that keeps us well functioning.

It has probably happened many times that you or your friends, maybe even a family member complain about a lack of sleep when outside and hiking on a long distance, it is because it can be extremely hard and complicated setting up a proper sleeping space. Setting up a proper sleeping space requires good positioning and most importantly dryness.

With Big Agnes Q-Core the problems you have encountered before can be called the past. This sleeping pad is a real super light and super compact air pad which will make your sleeping in the wilderness, even more fun and relaxing than it was ever before. This awesome sleeping pad comes in various shapes and sizes, with an amazing insulation system.


If not used to sleeping outside in the wilderness, sleeping can become extremely annoying and uncomfortable experience – for those who are willing to give their sleeping habits a nice treatment, buying a good sleeping pad can be a true lifesaver. Read on to check out some main features Big Agnes Q-Core SL Insulated Sleeping Pad.


The first thing you will see about the Big Agnes Q-Core SL sleeping pad is that it packs down little and is really lightweight. The 20″ x 78″ model weighs just 625 grams, and packed, it quantifies only 12″x4″.  This sleeping bag packs down to somewhat more than one and a half liters. It is quite similar to many air construction sleeping pads and is substantially littler when packed compared to most than most self-inflating or foam cushions.

You’ll absolutely have the capacity to pack this sleeping bag into the base of your backpack or simply place it in a compression. The Q-Core SL sleeping pad has a packed size of 3.5 x 9 inches.

Big Agnes Q-Core sleeping pad in the garden on the ground

The Q-Core SL sleeping pads are so easily packed that they fit into a nylon mesh sack (4.5″ in diameter and 10″ in length). Every Q-Core SL pad comes with a nylon mesh stuff which keeps your pad secure and safe from the bad weather conditions, bugs and other things you might encounter in your adventures.

A field repair kit is included and is tucked away in a small pocket located right at the end of the stuff sack. For long-term storage, it is advised that you store the pad with the valve completely open and in an uncompressed state to allow any moisture inside the pad to disappear and help to keep the integrity of the materials used and construction of the pad.

Design and Durability

The Big Agnes Q-Core SL is designed with some basic features such as a full-length zipper together with a draft tube, neck and hood neckline to prevent cold, hang circles, nylon stuff sack and recycled mesh storage sack. On the design side, this sleeping bag utilizes ‘Alternating I-beam Construction’ which is a popular term for lengthwise baffles instead of the normal width-wise baffles. This gives a greater dispersal of warmth from your center where you produce the majority of warmth and disperses it down to your furthest points where you have a tendency to get cool first.

Big Agnes Sleeping Bag and Pad System on the grass outside

The baffles’ top has ‘flow gates’ worked inside them, which limit the capacity of the down to move and cluster together, hence expanding its insulation features. ‘Alternating I-beam likewise gives a more shape fitting feel with less weight because the baffles follow your body contour. This just bodes well than most sleeping bags with a conventional baffle outline. The Q-Core SL pad utilizes a very special quilted design. This sleeping bag is durable, strong and dependable.

Sizes and Weights

Designed to fit inside the integrated sleeping pad sleeve which can be easily found in many of the Big Agnes’ sleeping bags products, this mummy shaped Q Core SL pads are 20″ in width and are available in both 72″ or 78″ lengths. The lack of squared-off corners makes it extremely lightweight and easy to pack. The width rectangular pads are each 20″ wide and are available in 66″, 72″ and 78″ lengths. The wide-width model is 25″ wide and 78″ long makes it a little bit heavier due to its size (bigger than the rest of the models).

Big Agnes Q-Core SL on rocks

The standard rectangular pads are 20″ x 72″ and these weigh 20.7 ounces in the stuff sack, and 19.6 ounces without the stuff sack. Every Q-Core SL sleeping pad is designed from a durable nylon rip-stop material from the bottom to the top. The Q-Core SL sleeping pad is textured minimize slippage and the noise, quilted with an I-Beam pattern for a stable and smooth, extremely comfortable sleeping pad. Considered to be way more effective than other inflatable sleeping pads which only have vertical baffles.

The Temperature Ratings

The Q-Core pads are designed to be coated internally with a heat-reflective polyurethane, adding a very good durability and an X-Static synthetic insulation to increase its anti-odor properties, anti-microbial and thermodynamic properties. The Q-Core SL pad falls under the R-value of 4.5 giving a temperature rating down to 15°, which is perfectly amazing for a three-season sleep solution.

close-up of big-agnes-q-core-slx-img-1

The insulation in an air pad does not work like an ordinary insulating layer that creates loft because an air pad already has a loft. The insulative fibers do nothing but, reducing the air that is currently inside the pad produced naturally by convection, causing the pad to lose thermal efficiency. For the colder temperatures, you are advised to include a closed cell foam pad so as to get an extra insulation.

The Comfortability Ratings

The center of the Big Agnes Sleeping Pad is much thicker than the rest of it, even for the people who like to sleep on the side, the thickness of the center provides a lot of comfortability. At 3″ thick, the pad adjusts to the body exceptionally well, providing the maximum amount of support where it is needed and helps to easily relieve some of the most common pressure points (those located at the hips and shoulders) while keeping its insulative properties.

Big Agnes Q-Core SL Sleeping Pad in a tent

The outer edges of the pad have a larger 3.5″ thick air space that is made and designed to cradle you, keeping you in the center of the pad. This helps a lot when it comes to keeping the pad beneath you.

Value for Money and Guarantee

Buying Q-Core SL is really a good value for money. At approximately $120, the Big Agnes Q-Core Sleeping Pad might look a little bit pricey and not as an important part of the hiking and backpacking equipment, but in real, it is worth all of the money and will provide you with a good sleeping experience outside, anywhere. The Q-Core SL sleeping bag is somewhat pricier and certainly worth the cost. It is durable, strong and dependable.

Big Agnes Sleeping Pad Q-Core SLX next to backpack

Concerning the product guarantee, it was not mentioned that guarantee is being offered. However, it is certain that the producers and sellers somehow have a provision for defect goods. So, in case your sleeping bag has issues, you can send it to them and contact their customer service. Amazon also provides warranty for faulty goods.

The Q-Core SL is without any doubt a rugged insulated air pad and an extremely important part of any good 3-season outdoor sleep system. In warmer climates, all four seasons are certainly possible, which makes this sleeping pad a really good choice and a smart buy. Using this pad in any outdoor situation would certainly improve the physical and mental state of anyone who decides to do so, and in a real survival situation, it will surely be a perfect choice.

This sleeping pad will not only provide you the comfort and warmth better than most sleeping pads out there, this sleeping pad will simply not allow you to be restless at all! Many hikers and people who spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities which require sleeping outside tend to find themselves very tired and with a lack of proper rest. It will surely make their lives easier after a long hiking day, they can easily set up this sleeping pad and jump into their sleep, comfortably.

Big Agnes Q-Core SL close up

It is on you to decide whether you believe sleeping is extremely important part of your life, keeping your body and mind well-functioning or not, picking and taking care of things such as this is extremely important and you should never ignore the fact that your body deserves a good and comfortable good night sleep. This awesomely designed sleeping pad might be a start of an amazing adventure after you experience spending the night sleeping on it and waking up with a feeling like you slept in your own bed.

Get your family and friends together and take a look at your new hiking equipment piece which will probably make everyone happy and well rested when on an adventure! Sleeping on a thick, lofty sleeping pad can have a huge influence on how you function, your level of the rest and recovery you achieve.


  • X-Static synthetic form of insulation with the normal performance of silver filament to promote thermodynamic, anti-odor properties and anti-microbial
  • Estimated R-Value of 4.5
  • Durable inflation valve
  • Internal polyurethane coating
  • Rated at 15F
  • Alternating I-Beam construction creates a smoother, more comfortable feel.


  • Quality comes with a price
  • Not durable enough

Currently, the best sleeping pad you can find from the Big Agnes – the lightest and most comfortable sleeping pad (air pad). The Q-Core SL is the three season variation sleeping pad, coming in many different shapes and sizes, including a mummy and rectangular shape – this sleeping pad will surely please all your good sleeping needs.

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