Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock: Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock and tree strapsIn the times when diseases came into a certain area, people slept on hammocks because they reduced the possibility of transmitting contagious diseases. Nowadays, when speaking of hammocks, it is meant of a hammock tent. They are usually covered with a mosquito net, which adds up to the safety features of the hammock itself.

The Grand Trunk Skeeter hammock is the most useful thing on the market. It is a product invented for adventurers who love the nature. It is the perfect choice for people who don’t feel too safe in a tent. Nevertheless, in order to have a positive hammock experience you have to choose the right one for you. So, sit back and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the hammock and decide yourself if this is something you wish or need.

The only thing between you and the outside is a mosquito net which is protecting you from bugs. The problem is, it is not very suitable for cold weather conditions for the very same reason. Even though, manufacturers are putting a great effort in improving the breathability in the tents, the hammock has a natural breathability system.

This means that it is not at all closed and you are free to breathe the outside air while sleeping. This said, the hammock is perfect for warmer climates and higher temperatures, but the tents still have no competition when the temperatures drop.

Another important difference is the ground surface, or the lack of one. When sleeping in a tent, even though it is warm outside, you should still have isolation since the ground temperature is always cold. With the hammock this problem is naturally solved. The only thing underneath you is the air, which means that you won’t need to wear an isolation pad.

If you are a camper, there is a great chance that you are an adventurer who is ready to “risk” it and head out into the nature without your “safer” option and consider trying a new way of camping. Some even say the innovative way of camping. In this buying guide, we will explain the differences in the two ways of camping and explain all there is about hammocks. We will even offer a hammock which is the best deal out on the market.


The weight of the hammock with the net, straps and all its components is 1.8 pounds and it sizes up to 8 x 5 x 5 inches. As for the weight it supports, it is tested with 300lbs and it does hold up. The label stated capacity is 400 pounds. The packaging is small and durable, and weighs in at 2.6 pounds when shipped. It will come in a box that is 8 x 8 x 8 inches. Out of the box, you will notice the hammock is made of nylon material, which is strong.

Durability and Design

The size is for one adult person or two kids. It could also fit one adult and one small child, but it would feel a bit tight. It is pretty spacious, and it has enough place for a person to read a book without the claustrophobic feeling which is common for the hammocks. It is even spacious enough for tall people, which is very rare feature in a hammock.

There are also zippers on both sides, so you would have the possibility of opening the one side and leaving the other closed. The net is not detachable, so in case you want to use the hammock without the net, you could unzip the zippers and flip over the net so that it lies at the bottom of the hammock. The downside of this hammock is that it doesn’t come with a rain fly, so if it starts to rain you would have to find another cover.

Adults sitting in Grand Trunk Hammocks on the beach

Otherwise, users love this hammock because it is strong, allows the big and tall people to use it with ease, and it packs down so easily that it can fit right into your backpack. Do not forget, you can choose which color you want as well! Take your pick between Olive Green and Khaki, Navy and Forest, or Woodland Camo!

Ease of Use and Assembly

Not only is this hammock simple to use, but it assembles in just minutes! The package comes with all of the items you need to hang your hammock between 2 trees that are 12 to 15 feet apart. Once you get the suspension together, you can use the ropes and carabiners to attach the hammock and simply get in and enjoy! If you want to close the mosquito netting, simply zip the flap closed!

Three hammocks Grand Trunk hanging in the forest

Getting inside is a cinch, as long as you have the hammock at chair height so you can simply sit down and slide in.

Mosquito Proofing

This specific hammock provides protection from bugs like mosquitoes that can attack you and cause the Zika virus and much more as they carry viruses within them. During nice days, where there are no bugs or pests present, you can leave the mosquito net flap open and enjoy the sun.

Man fishing in the lake next to a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

Most people who are campers don’t have the fear of bugs. However, there are many that do not. For this reason, the hammock provides you the perfect shelter from bugs. The fact is, most bugs come from the ground. If you avoid the touch with the ground, you have avoided most of the chances to encounter them. If you are afraid of the bugs, this would probably be the most important feature in a hammock.

Manufacturer Recommendation

The cleaning of the hammock is an important process which should be considered before buying it. With this hammock, you should first remove the carabiners and then wash it by hand with detergent. Keep in mind that this hammock is not recommended for it to be machine washed or machine dried.

A couple enojoying the day in Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

Another thing is, you need to be sure there are no sharp objects in your hammock with you, as this can puncture not only the nylon, but the mosquito netting, causing it to rip apart. While the materials made for this hammock are quite durable, you do have to be careful with sharper objects around the area of the hammock.

Value for the Money

While there are many hammocks on the market, some cheaper than others, this hammock comes in at a moderate price for such great quality. Many users say that it has already been worth the money spent as it is strong, lasts a long time, and is problem free!

Close-up of Grand Trunk Double Trunktech Hammock pocket

Amazon users have given this hammock 4.5 out of 5 stars because of the great value it has for the price, among other fantastic features. You can surely get a lot of use out of this hammock when the weather is lovely!

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