Nemo Verve Sleeping Bag: A Spoon Shaped Bag Worth Every Cent!

Nemo verve sleeping bag

Regardless of the activity you are planning, camping, backpacking or whether you are preparing yourself for some other trip, a sleeping bag is a necessary piece of equipment. The main goal is to provide a good thermal isolation. Some sleeping bags are intended to be used as an addition to the main sleeping bag.

This part of the gear is very important because if there is snow on the ground, you have to put a good insulator between you and the cold ground. For this reason, equip yourself with great backpacking gear, like the Nemo Verve Sleeping Bag, and enjoy your trip in the nature!

This sleeping bag is updated from its previous version. It has a new color design and it looks great. Other unique features are that it has blanket folds, which protect the person from getting cold and also it has a pillow pocket. It is made of synthetic material that provides maximum warmth.

The Nemo Verve Sleeping Bag won in our competition. Because of its generous characteristics, we decided that this is the best product on the market. This affordable product could impress anyone who is interested in purchasing a sleeping bag.

Below, you are going to read more about this sleeping bag, the good and the bad, and we will give you a few reviews of comparative sleeping bags to show you how others on the market match up to the Nemo Verve. Hopefully, this sleeping bag will be your next choice, because it has many great features you are going to find out about right now!



The sleeping bag has dimensions of 20 x 13 x 10 and comes in a box just a little bigger than that. The product weighs 3.9 pounds so it is light in weight. Once you open the box, you will find the sleeping bag itself, along with the stuff sack. Simply unfold your sleeping bag, and wash if you wish, before using.

Design and Durability

You can find this sleeping bag in two sizes, large and regular. According to its dimensions, you can find out which one matches yours. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and has specific dimensions: 20 X 13 X 10 inches. It is constructed in a spoon shape that allows side sleeping.

This means that it is wider at the area of the knees and also the elbows which provide greater comfort. This model comes in two colors, the first one is Jennes blue or Key lime and the second one is newly designed and updated as a 2016 edition. It is a solid combination of blue and many shades of gray, which gives uniqueness and perfect design.

The bag is created from forty D nylon rip stop that protects it from unwanted condition. It also contains DWR. The inner layer is made of a strato fiber, synthetic material that provides a good thermal isolation and also provides warmth. This material allows resistance from moisture and also provides low packed volume.

The sleeping bag comes with blanket fold, which is perfect for extreme situations. The pillow pocket is an additional and very good accessory. Another tool included in the kit is the drawstring sack which could be used for many things. You can find an additional cotton bag for storing necessary things for your trip or outdoor activity. The size of the stuff sack is 10 X 18 inches.


The Nemo verve sleeping bag has also additional characteristics. One of them is the contoured hood which is very adjustable and good for protecting your head. You can keep your head warm and protected from the outer impacts. This is very important because it provides comfort for your head too.

Hood pouch of the nemo verve sleepig bag

Not only are you going to stay warm, you are going to be comfortable. This spoon shaped sleeping bag is perfect for those who like to sleep on their side or curled up a little bit. You get more range of motion with this sleeping bag, which can be a huge plus for many people.


The synthetic strato fiber material provides warmth and also gives you regulation of the temperature. It allows you to have a maximum comfort and feel like you are at your own home. The blanket, which goes together with the product, is an excellent idea because you can tuck it around your shoulder and neck area and feel the warm situation.

Ease of Assembly and Use

Using the Nemo Verve is very simple, as you just unzip and get in! The spoon shape allows you to sleep in more comfortable positions, such as on your side, and it will make for a more comfortable night of rest.

resting sideways in sleeping bag

When you are done using it, you simply roll it up, put it in the stuff sack, and head out on the next leg of your journey!

Girth and Volume

Since this is a men’s sleeping bag, the volume and girth are going to be bigger than one that is mean for females. Below you will find the information on the girth and volume of the Nemo Verve.

  • Fits Up To: 72 inches for Regular, 78 inches for Long
  • Shoulder Girth: 64 inches for Regular, 66 inches for Long
  • Hip Girth: 60 inches for Regular, 62 inches for Long
  • Compressed Volume: 10 liters for Regular, 12 liters for Long
  • Stuff Sack Volume: 23 liters

Value for the Money

While there are always going to be cheaper items on the market, such as sleeping bags, you really have to look at the quality and the value you are getting from the product. While this sleeping bag is a little expensive, it offers so many features, a lot of comfort, and just the perfect amount of warmth!

Users have said they are satisfied with the Nemo Verve, and it was definitely worth the money they spent!

Customers who bought this product are very satisfied. They claimed that it is an amazing product and they highly recommend it. They affirm that the sleeping bag shape is great because it allows to sleep on one side. Most of the persons sleep with folded knees and with this bag they could afford to have the best sleeping position while camping.

sleeping bags

Other buyers say that they like the included blanket flap that protects them from the cold air.  This is an advantage that gives a five-star rating for this very good product. They also liked the zip pocket that is good for keeping necessary things. They say that this sleeping bag is very comfortable and toasty warm.

The ones who tried a mummy style sleeping bag affirm that this one is much better than the previous one. It is also superior to the Marmot Maverick type of sleeping bags. The people who bought it, retell that it provides good warm condition without any constriction. They also liked the packing of the sleeping bag and the additional storage bag.


  • 40 D Nylon Ripstop with Durable Water Repellent on the shell of the bag
  • Newly updated design and colors, with the same warmth and comfort
  • Features like the contoured hood, pillow pocket, blanket and other things make this sleeping bag stand out from the rest.
  • Light in weight, highly portable
  • Temperature regulation
  • Spoon shaped; wider at the knee area, offers more range of motion
  • Moisture resistant


  • Not meant for higher temperatures above 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Some did not like the stuff sack and purchased a separate one that fit better

The Nemo Verve sleeping bag is an excellent product according to the people who purchase it and also use it. The product is rated with all the positive critics as one of the best in its class. It is a new and redesigned edition for 2016, with better and greater qualities.

The most important thing is that this product is compared to many others and it shows up that it is the best of all. Keep this fact in your mind when you want the most convenient product for you. Don’t forget to look at some other products before making the last decision.

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