Slumberjack Country Squire 0 Sleeping Bag: A Zero Degree Sleeping Bag You Can Trust!

slumberjack country squire bag in a tent

Never undermine the importance of a good sleeping bag. It determines how much you are going to enjoy your nights during the period you are camping. A good sleeping bag is not determined by price or brand, but rather by the features it offers.

Slumberjack Country Squire O Sleeping Bag is one of those highly affordable sleeping bags, yet has all features you need for a good night’s sleep. While purchasing a sleeping bag, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get the best. There are many different brands some that are cheap but offer all the desirable features.

In this review, we are going to look at the reasons why it is important to focus on the elements other than brand name and price tag and we are going to go over the Slumberjack Country Squire O Sleeping Bag and show you why it might be a great fit for your next outdoor adventure.

We will also show you some similar products so you can compare them to this particular sleeping bag. Lastly, we will give you a complete overview of the sleeping bag to ensure you get all of the necessary information.



Even with all these desirable features, you should be aware of the Slumberjack Country Squire 0 bulkiness. It is heavy and hence adding quite some weight to your entire luggage. It is also quite expensive compared to other rectangle and sleeping bags with similar features.

This bag concentrates on campers who are looking for a comfortable and warm bag for colder areas and seasons and hence the expensive price tag.

slumberjack country squire bag packed in bag

The packaging will weigh over 6 pounds upon purchase and will have dimensions of 2 x 84 x 42 inches. Inside, you will find your sleeping bag wrapped to protect the Polyester and Canvas shell and heavy duty zippers. You will be able to store it in the stuff sack, which is 17 x 40 inches.

Design and Durability

The bag is durable and has strong zippers; however, many people find it a bit irritating because it is not easily packable. Others still complain of the bag of not being 100% waterproof. However, you can rectify that by using a waterproof carrying sack. Also, it only comes in one color: Green.

With the loose sheet, it’s the best feature that makes this sleeping bag easy to maintain cleanliness. All you need is clean the sheet once you get from your trip. The bag also features toggles and elastic loops which are designed to roll up and secure the removable duffel. The Velcro zipper folds itself easily, leaving no prickly sides exposed.

velcro zipper on sleeping bag

Considering the construction and the features of this bag, it is most suitable for use in freezing areas or while camping during winter. The durability of this bag makes it worth its price. Its temperature rating doesn’t allow you to wear excessively warm clothing. It has synthetic insulation and enough zippers to keep off the cold.

According to owners to this bag, it is the best choice if you are looking for comfort without necessarily having a sleeping pad. Also, if you are looking forward to sleep in the same bag with your spouse, then this is the go-to bag. However, if you want much room to yourself, you can still do so.


Slumberjack Country Squire O Sleeping Bag offers rustic comfort and feels like almost sleeping in a cozy bed with warm and thick blankets. It is vast and broad hence can comfortably fit people of different sizes and shapes. It can even fit two people, so if you are a couple, this should be the best sleeping bag to purchase.

Slumberjack Country Squire

It has a loose sheet, which is a unique feature specifically for this sleeping bag. Its level of comfort allows you to use it without necessarily having to use a sleeping pad. The comfort and the warmth are enhanced by the insulation used in this bag.


The top of insulation of this sleeping bag simply cannot be overlooked. This big, comfortable sleeping bag has Slumberloft Synthetic Insulation that keeps you cozy warm all through the cold night. Users could not rave enough about how cozy warm this sleeping bag is during a freezing night of subzero temperatures.

The shell fabric is made of Cotton Duck, as well as the liner fabric made of a blend of polyester and cotton. There is no doubt that you are going to sleep warm through the night!

Ease of Assembly and Use

There really is no assembly required when it comes to the Slumberjack Country Squire, as it comes ready to go. Of course, you can always wash it first, namely the inner lining sheet that detaches before you use it. Using this sleeping bag is as simple as pie. All you need to do is climb in, zip up, and get cozy warm!

slumberjack country squire

You can use the duffel bag portion to prop your head up, or you can detach it and use your own pillow if you wish. When you are doing using it and are ready to wash it, simply detach the inner lining sheet and launder it! Using this sleeping bag is a breeze!

Temperature Rating

The temperature rating for a sleeping bag is a temperature in which your sleeping bag can keep you warm. For example, this sleeping bag has a zero degree Fahrenheit temperature rating. That means it will work down to the temperature of zero degrees.

It will work best at temperatures between that and about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Always check the temperature rating and consider the temperatures of where you plan to hike, camp or backpack.

Manufacturer Recommendations

While this may be a 4 season sleeping bag, you may find yourself too warm during hotter months. You can always remove the inner sheet, but with the type of insulation, you can find yourself warm, and may want to use a less insulated sleeping bag for those hotter nights.

sheet inside sleeping bag

Or, you can simply peel back the top layer and use the sheet as your blanket. This particular sleeping bag does come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest easy if it happens to become defective for whatever reason. The manufacturer states that this sleeping bag will comfortably fit a person up to 6 feet, 6 inches tall. Those big and tall can appreciate this sleeping bag.

Value for the Money

As always, there are going to be sleeping bags that work in freezing temperatures that are cheaper. But you have to compare the features and ultimate comfort and warmth that you get from a sleeping bag. You do not want to be caught in freezing temperatures with an improper sleeping bag.

Not only will you be cold, but you can suffer from frost bite as well. Overall, with the great features this sleeping bag has, as well as the materials from which it is made, it is definitely a good value for the money. Also, it was named Outdoor Gear Lab’s Editors Choice in sleeping bags.

Users could not rave enough about how comfortable and warm this sleeping bag turned out to be! Even on nights where the temperature was close to zero degrees, uses were toasty warm under the covers of this product.

For those users who used it on warmer nights, they often used the liner sheet with the top portion of the sleeping bag unzipped, which provided them a more comfortable night’s rest. Users also raved about the durability of this product, as the materials are sturdy and strong, the zippers are heavy duty, among many other features.

slumberjack sleeping bag with competitors

While the sleeping bag is big and bulky, and not exactly fit for backpacking, users still thought it was worth the price for what it offered, and they were not disappointed. It is made for 4 seasons, but more perfectly, fit for 3, plus, users loved how the sheet inside comes right out to be washed upon arriving home.

You can choose this model for many outdoor adventures and be completely satisfied. While this product is outstanding overall, like any product, it does have good and bad things about it. See below for the list of pros and cons of the Slumberjack Country Squire.


  • Durable and Strong
  • Comfortable and Warm
  • Great for Big and Tall People
  • Heavy duty zippers with Anti Snag
  • Water Resistant
  • Less heat loss from draft tube
  • Rated temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Very heavy
  • Can get hot on warmer nights
  • Not waterproof
  • Not for backpacking
  • Does not fully unzip
  • Somewhat pricey

We know it is not easy finding the perfect sleeping bag that works in all temperatures and seasons, especially one that has a temperature rating of 0 degrees. However, the Slumberjack Country Squire is beloved by many outdoor enthusiasts who have used this product in extreme weather conditions and stayed toasty warm all night long.

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