TETON Sports Altos Sleeping Bag: The Perfect Bag for Sleeping Under the Stars

A man holding a TETON Sports Altos Sleeping Bag in a sack and his girlfriend next to him

A sleeping bag is a necessary addition for every hiking, backpacking or camping trip. A sleeping bag is not a product which you are required to buy every season or every year. For this reason, the buying process of a sleeping bag should not be taken lightly and a substantial budget should be invested in it.

In this article, we are going to review a high-quality Teton Sports Altos sleeping bag which satisfies all of our criteria. This sleeping bag is one of the best options on the market considering the price and the features it has to offer.

However, it is up to you to read the review and check if this sleeping bag fits your needs. Without further a due, we present to you the Teton sleeping bag.


Teton Sports of Utah provides great gear with unimaginably, competitive pricing and broad design features. Below are some of the amazing features of Teton Sports Altos sleeping bag:


This Teton Sports Alto comes along with the best packing sack of the bundle – it has pressure straps to tighten it down littler, and they serve as conveying handles. This sleeping bag is right amidst the bundle in packed size, and you can really tighten it down with the pressure straps if there is enough space. Tipping the scales at 1.4 ounces, it is pretty lightweight.

The pack size of this sleeping bag is 8″ x 5″ x 5″. This sleeping bag will hold 2 grown ups and one or two kids, so if you consider the room number that  2-4 different sleeping bags allow, the pack size may really be worth it.

Design and Durability

The Teton Sports Altos Sleeping bag boasts an excellent design. It is furnished with a three-piece hood that blueprints your face and keeps your entire head warm. This sleeping bag is sufficiently spacious to fit a huge person. It gives sufficient space to leg and shoulder. It is furnished with anti-tangle zipper with a complete zipper draft tube that shields you completely from icy spots.

The TETON Sports Altos Sleeping Bag is highly durable and it is designed to offer you a dreamlike experience. The waterproof feature of this sleeping bag will enable you to remain warm and comfortable amid the rainy times.

A comfortable good night's sleep - no longer a dream with TETON Sports' Altos

Also, this sleeping bag is made of an extreme ripstop shell, that enables your sleeping bag to deal with wear and tear on rough landscapes. Since it is built with high caliber materials, it is sufficiently durable to endure forever. It accompanies brushed nylon liner that gives comfort and does not make down to jab out.

Water Resistance and Temperature Ratings

The Teton Sports Altos is one of the great options for the best sleeping bag in wet environments. This specially formulated sleeping resists water and recoups rapidly. The sleeping bag’s underside is highly waterproof. Since the sleeping bag layer is made with hydrophobic components, it retains its loft even dewy conditions. The sleeping bag’s ratings depend on the outside air temperature and generally characterized as the least temperature to which the bag will keep you warm.

While the temperature ratings themselves are not specially classified, they are helpful as general rules and for contrasting the sleeping bags. The Teton Altos sleeping bag has a comfort range from 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature rating is influenced by the development materials and the measure of fill utilized.


The Teton Sports Altos sleeping bag can keep you toasty and warm in -10 degrees Fahrenheit. On the off chance that you are an outdoor enthusiast that is continually hoping to inspire your companions with your extraordinary and hazardous undertakings, you will need this sleeping bag.

While this sleeping bag is appraised to zero degrees, it was discovered to be just the fourth warmest among Teton sleeping bag. The soft coating is pleasant next to your bare skin, and this sleeping bag is great for a night around cold weather. This sleeping bag has special features that add to its warmth. It features both a draft tube to support the zipper and a neck neckline that can be acclimated to decrease wind current from the bag’s top.

Two TETON Sports Altos sleeping bags in a tent

Furthermore, this sleeping bag has a kind of negligible hood feature which can likewise be balanced more tightly or to lay level. With two synthetic insulation layers – the topmost one is stitched to the nylon fabric shell textile, and the inward one is stitched to the brushed poly wool lining — this sleeping bag utilizes every one of the tricks to stop drafts.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The Teton Sports is an exceptionally affordable sleeping bag choice for backpacking. The spacious footbox retains heat, sustain warmth, and regulate body temperature through the night lows. This sleeping bag is insulated, soft and has an inner tech pocket and offers a dependable competitive price. On Amazon you can get this sleeping bag for approximately $90 or straightforward from the Teton Sports site for approximately $100.

The producer has thought of everything and even for the warranty of the product. It offers a lifetime warranty with limited time. That means you are covered. The producer provides a great customer service with a good team that is ready to help you in any circumstances.

The TETON Sports Altos 0 is a workhouse bag that performs and lasts well after multiple nights

Finally, you don’t have to be afraid for your product, just leave it in the hands of the educated team you can count on in every time.  You should now that they cover material defects in the workmanship part.  For better quality, follow the producer’s instructions, because the warranty is allowed only for the first owner. It is a great opportunity with a great benefit for both sides.

This product is water-resistant and it is convenient for wet conditions. Because of the three layers contours of the hood, it keeps your head in warm condition. A lightweight product and it is a dream of every camper or outdoor activist.

It is filled with special and formulated MTN-Dry, created to repel the water and to provide maximum protection; Quick recovery period allows staying cozy and warm during the rain or any other water activity; It comes in three colors: black, red, and blue and also in three-degree ratings.

The Teton Sports Altos bag is known for its high-quality and stable construction. It is made of a hard ripstop shell, for handling the most rugged situations. It also has a nylon liner that is brushed, and it is ideal for backpacking because it contains a special bag that compresses the air just to save on more pack space. The sack for the stuff comes in a cylindrical shape. The cylinder is fifteen inches long and in diameter, nine inches. A great feature, especially if you want to wear more gear and other necessary things.

Image of TETON Sports Altos sleeping bags in a tent

This company has achieved their dream of big success. When it comes to a product with special characteristics, the Teton sleeping bag is one of them. It has three piece contours of the hood that provide a warm condition. This means that hood comes with no gap and it easily adjusts around your face just to maintain the wanted temperature. It keeps the heat in and the cold out. You can use it for a different type of trips because of its light weight.

This sleeping bag has an additional roomy bag that ensures great comfort and provides more space in the shoulder and leg area. Its dimensions are 84 X 32 inches. Keep in mind that this sleeping bag provides more spaces than any other from the same type. As an additional feature, the Teton’s sleeping bag has a vaulted box for the foot.

It allows you to enjoy while sleeping and it represents an additional space too. For eliminating the cold spots, this product has an anti-snag tool with additional full-length zipper with a special draft tube. It facilitates the way of entering and also prevents the heat going out.


  • Waterproof down mummy bag
  • Warm, comfortable and durable
  • High-quality design
  • Withstands abrasion
  • Sufficiently spacious


  • Down pieces float around after extended use

For making the right choice, read carefully all the advantages and disadvantages of this sleeping bag and decide whether they satisfy your needs or you need something different.

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