Western Mountaineering Apache Gore WindStopper Sleeping Bag: The Perfect Sleeping Bag for Windy Hikes

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The Western Mountaineering Apache GWS is the lightest of the six sleeping bags in the Gore Windstopper™ range. It has the least weight of down filling. Apache GWS comes in three sizes so that you can make sure you get the bag that fits your height to keep you as warm as possible. Don’t be tempted to buy a larger size if warmth is a priority.

If you are looking for a great 2 to 3 season sleeping bag, the Apache is your winner! Made with strong and durable materials, this sleeping bag is made to last years and go through a lot of terrain and come out looking beautiful.

In this article, we are going to give you a full review, show you the many features, give you some Pros and Cons, and show you some other products that are similar to the Apache. Let us dig in now!



When shipped, your product will weigh about 3 pounds and will come packed down to a small size. Inside of the package, you will find your Crimson or Port colored sleeping bag, along with a stuff sack so you can tote your sleeping bag around while hiking.


Aside from just the narrow mummy shape, Western Mountaineering has incorporated a few extra features to make sure you stay warm. One is what they term a “reverse differential hood” (sounds like something under the bonnet of a car!).

hood of apache sleeping bag

This means that the cut of the hood lining is made with a generous amount of fabric, larger than the outer, so that the down can fill out any spaces against your head and face and keep you warm without you having to pull the hood drawstring too tight. A little like your head sinks into a down pillow.

Durability and Design

There is a down filled collar to make sure your neck is snug as well as a down filled draught tube along the length of the zipper so that no warm air escapes down the full length zip. The Apache GWS has continuous horizontal baffles which means the down can be moved around the bag according to seasonal temperature changes.

The Apache GWS is truly a two, pushing three season bag. Bring it the top for colder weather, push to the bottom in warmer weather. The baffles are sewn 5 ¼” apart, narrow enough so the down doesn’t move much on its own. It should stay where it is needed.

This is also helped by the baffles being sewn on an angle called “slant box” which is a more difficult sewing construction and more expensive than most sleeping bag constructions. The actual main body of the mummy bag has a differential cut. The opposite of the snugly hood, the bag inner lining is cut smaller than the outer shell.

apache gws mummy bag

This is like having one tube fit inside the other so there is no bunching fabric when you move around inside. Bunching fabric can be annoying and make movement difficult. Differential also ensures the down always has space to stay fluffed up unless you are actually lying in the area.

The Apache mummy design also has a box style construction at the feet, to reduce the feeling of too much constriction. Western Mountaineering uses quality YKK zippers in all their products. For sleeping bags, these are #5 YKK coil zippers with double direction openings so you can give your toes some air when it becomes too warm.


The Apache GWS is filled with “highest lofting premium goose down” in all their down sleeping bags. They state a fill power of 850+ but are realistic in their claims stating that tested down undergoes conditioning prior to testing, which down put into the bags does not, so there are wide variables regarding the results for loft.

open apache bag

The actual weight of down fill in Apache GWS is 17oz /19oz /21oz so with a high fill to volume the Apache GWS offers more than sufficient warmth for its 15oF rating. Western Mountaineering believe you should be able to sleep comfortably at that temperature in reasonable conditions.

Down has a unique structure that has not yet been copied by synthetic materials with its tiny filaments fluffing up to trap warm air and keep body heat close to the body. Yet, despite its delicate appearance down is very durable, able to be squashed down, then bounce back to retain its loft, that is, air trapping abilities. Down is expensive but offers better longevity for years of satisfactory use.

Gore WindStopper and More

The outer, also known as the shell, of the Apache GWS is Gore Windstoppe (GWS) which is modern fabric that is highly water resistant yet still remains very breathable. Manufactured by the renowned company of W.L. Gore and Associates, Windstopper has almost become a generic name because of its effectiveness.

upper half of apache gws

Windstoppe is in fact not one fabric, but thin layers laminated together, each adding a quality to the resulting Windstopper. The particular fabric used for the Apache has a face fabric 273 thread count, 30 denier and weighs just 1.1 oz per square yard which is the thinnest and lightest available.

It is durable and compressible enough to pack easily. When the laminate layers are added it weighs 1.7oz per square yard. More important to you, by using Gore Windstopper™ as an outer layer means that in any conditions the Apache.

  • Is highly water resistant
  • Remains relatively lightweight
  • Allows sweat and moisture to dry from the inside
  • Is durable and compressible

Using Gore Windstopper™ reduces the likelihood of the down getting damp from sweat or from outer moisture. Staying dry means you will most likely stay warm. As a further protection from damp elements, Western Mountaineering finish their fabrics with a coating of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) that has an industry measured standard of 80/20.

apache gws measurements

This means that the fabric should retain 80% of DWR after 20 laboratory test washings. Considering it is not recommended that you wash your sleeping bag often, the DWR should remain highly effective for the life of the sleeping bag.

In the likelihood of very damp conditions Western Mountaineering recommends that you might consider another waterproof shell like their Hot Sac™ to provide extra protection.

Value for Money and Guarantee

Western Mountaineering believe so much in their products they offer a comprehensive guarantee. As they say on their official site: All Western Mountaineering products are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for an unlimited time.

inside of apache sleeping bag

Should a product fail due to a defect in materials or craftsmanship, we will, at our option, repair or replace the item at no cost to the original owner. We will make the determination of what will be covered under warranty at the time that we inspect the product. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or improper laundering.

This guarantee does not cover accidental punctures, tears, rips, burn holes, damage by rodents, or deterioration of the materials caused by excessive sunlight exposure, mold or chemicals. We will not repair a product if we determine that it isn’t clean.

Overall, this Western Mountaineering sleeping bag has been given rave reviews for its warmth, style, shape and more! The cut of the sleeping bag keeps it warmer, as mummy shapes tend to do. The two colors are stylish and bright, and the 6 inch loft will keep you comfortable.

Some users did say that the sleeping bag was a little expensive, as most great quality sleeping bags are. The price can show you that this product is made from quality materials, and will last through many years of rough terrain.

apache gws height

When comparing the Apache GWS with other Western Mountaineering bags that have similar ratings or warmth you can see that the Apache GMS rates very favorably for total weight and compression size, which means it takes up less space in your pack and is less weight to carry.

Microfiber is a densely woven fabric that is water resistant because of its construction, but has no laminates or extra waterproofing coatings. Below you will find a list of the Pros and Cons of the Apache, which can help you to determine if this is a sleeping bag that fits your needs.


  • Made in the USA by the renowned manufacturer Western Mountaineering
  • Warm mummy shape
  • Durable goose down filling
  • Outer in Gore Windstopper™ fabric
  • Quality fittings throughout
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Light weight to high warmth ratio


  • High purchase price
  • Down does not perform well if wet
  • Zipper only available one side

The Apache GWS is a super sleeping bag if you want one for summer and mid season sleeping in the wilderness. It has enough ways to vary the down fill to allow comfortable sleeping in warm and cooler temperatures.

If you need a warmer bag, then move to a similar construction with more fill – there are 5 to choose from, in the Windstopper™ line, not mention the other styles. If you think you might need a warmer bag very occasionally make sure you have a good insulation mat as well and be prepared to sleep in some extra layers.

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