Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper: An Amazing Summer Camping Sleeping Bag

You get windproof protection, lofty warmth, and more room when you take Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper to the outdoors. Perfect for spring, fall, summer and even winters in the desert, the sleeping bag’s insulation features the loftiest fill rating, thereby making it the most astounding warmth to weight ratio on the market today.

Gore WindStopper offers the shell exceptional windproof protection and also reliable moisture resistance that keeps the bag lofty and warm in dampness. Western Mountaineering’s essential thought to the least features makes this sleeping bag a durable and extremely versatile option. A differential cut places more textiles in the lining to guarantee maximum space inside the bag, and constantly baffles enable you to move the down of the bag towards the base or top for great warmth.

 If you have done any outdoors, you might have a sense as to whether you sleep warm or cold, regardless of the season of the year. Remember that your sleepwear, metabolism, and utilization of a tent can all influence your rest comfort. The appropriate sleeping bag can have a significant effect on a serene night’s rest whether you are enjoying the great outdoors in the Summer or embarking on a Winter trip outdoors.



When you buy this sleeping bag, a storage sack will come with the sleeping bag for storing the sleeping bag. Some other components also come with the sleeping bag, for example, down fill power, durable water resistant and hood. You should also anticipate a rectangular and spacious shape which will be big enough to house even the plump individuals. Its spacious dimensions will help generate enough air circulation in warm weather situations.

Western Mountaineering Kodiak sleeping bag ina storage sack and a bottle of water on the floor

The shell that comes with the Gore Windstopper makes the sleeping bag great for almost all types of weather conditions. During the harsh winter weather, the shell of the Gore Windstopper protects you from getting cold and also adjusts itself during warm weather conditions. The shell of the Gore Windstopper is windproof; it is virtually waterproof and also breathable.

Design and Durability

This sleeping bag contains ceaseless baffles all through, features a full down neckline and draft tube, which are 3-dimensionally sewn into the sleeping bag. The shell’s bag is produced using MicroLite XP, which as per Western Mountaineering enable it to be active in any climate. This sleeping bag was a dull, dark in color with a dark inside and was 6′ 6″ in length.

The sleeping bag additionally ships with 2 stuff sacks, one of them being, a huge storage bag, and the other being a little stuff sort bag. You can likewise special request any Western Mountaineering sleeping bag with “Overfill”, which will infuse a larger amount of Goose Down into your sleeping bag compared to normal synthetic.

Hook and loop tabs enable you to pull the hood, draft neckline and draft tube more remote or nearer to you for redid scope. Additional advantageous features incorporate zippers on each side, a waterproofed stuff bag, and a storage bag with a vast volume that aids the sleeping bag in retaining its loft over time.

Western Mountaineering Kodiak sleeping bag laying on the floor in the house

This sleeping bag is a wide bag for 0°F evenings, spending your day backpacking and hiking absolutely merits a draftless rest and thanks to the Kodiak Gore Windstopper shell, it is climate resistant as well. Tuck in against the chilly winter night to recover for tomorrow’s trials.

Western Mountaineering used the utmost lofting finest goose down available for all their sleeping bags. They claim their fill power of 850 or more is meant to be a genuine estimate given the changeability of the product and the nature of fill power test methods. At this moment, each trial of down will obtain a tumble dry before it is given numerous days to loft up in an impeccably organized environment.

All through that time, it is boosted by means of a blow dryer to increase loft. Your sleeping bag will on no occasion get that kind of treatment, which is why they claim a more concrete fill power. Put your mind at ease, they use only the best goose down obtainable.

close-up image of Western Mountaineering Kodiak sleeping bag logo

Design-wise, this sleeping bag is a mummy in shape. This mummy shape offers sufficient room for several types of body to feel relaxed when you sleep in it. It also comes in different sizes to accommodate different body types. Additionally, if you are the type that likes to roll around and sleep in any preferred position, this spacious design will confidently accommodate you.

If you are camping in the summertime in scorching temperatures, the hood can be removed to allow more air in the bag. It can fit comfortably in the winter. For more aeration, you can lift your limb to allow adequate ventilation if you feel there is more heat. That is the advantage of a spacious mummy design.


One of the best features of the Gore Windstopper sleeping bag is the insulation type. As you already know, we have different types of insulation materials but the fill down is one of the best. Fill down can be that of the duck or goose. Whichever way, it has exceptional insulation properties that are unrivaled with synthetic insulation fabrics. The Gore Windstopper sleeping bag comes with the DownTex technology with Fill down the power of 850+ which is high enough to protect you from the harsh weather.

Western Mountaineering Kodiak sitting on a bed

The only disadvantage of the fill power is that when it gets wet, it loses its comfort simply because it takes a lot of time for it to dry. Nonetheless, to balance this problem, the manufacturers of the Gore Windstopper have implemented the nanotechnology DownTex to preserve these properties in the rainiest weather situations. This makes the sleeping bag a worthy choice in a wide variety of conditions.


The Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper sleeping bag is remarkably and competitively warm if we compare it with other sleeping bags. This is possible because of its fill down the power of 850. It makes sleeping to be fairly warm to endure extreme cold conditions.

The hood at the top of the sleeping bag is responsible for abundant warmth in winter. It can be removed also when you feel the heat is too much. You also do not need to put on thick socks because the foot box provides enough warmth.

Temperature rating

The Gore Windstopper is made for three seasons of winter so you get to use the sleeping bag for a long period of time. The fill down the power of the Gore Windstopper will give you warmth in cold evenings and a comfort tuck to put your feet out in the case of severe heat.

Man in a Western Mountaineering Kodiak sleeping bag

This sleeping bag is best for a midwinter outdoor expedition. It gives you warmth and compressibility to make your evenings as agreeable as it could be expected. The Gore Windstopper comes with a temperature rating of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and -18 degree Celsius respectively.


The Gore Windstopper to some is light while some might still consider it heavy. The Gore Windstopper weighs just 3.3 pounds, which are acceptable considering the weight of the sleeping bags in the present market. The manufacturers of the Gore Windstopper went to great length to reduce the weight to 3.3 pounds.


Size is a key factor that a buyer needs to contemplate when purchasing a sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags, including the Gore Windstopper are meant for a single person to sleep in. If you buy the Gore Windstopper, it cannot be used for two individuals, but if you are plump or big in size, the Gore Windstopper sleeping bag comes in numerous sizes. The sleeping bag comes in different sizes ranging from Extra-long, long and regular. All are meant for just one individual, but varying sizes.

three sleeping bags on the floor

The prices might differ though, for example, the price of the Extra-long might be different from the long. . Whether you are a wide-carried fellow, a tall woman that likes moving around during night times, or somebody that simply does not like being wrapped too tight in a mummy sleeping bag, this is the one you prefer most. This bag offers heaps of space to make sleeping a lot more comfortable.


The Gore Windstopper is very versatile in the sense that it can be used for numerous activities like hiking and camping. There are situations where you go to mountains and rocky grounds; the Gore Windstopper is the best for these situations. The sleeping bag also protects you from different weather conditions.

There is nothing compared to a good night time sleeps, and a top notch down sleeping bag can periodically be the distinction. The Kodiak is unquestionably a staff top pick. Also, a sleeping bag model that offers a somewhat extra room in the hips, shoulder and toe box to enhance a more cozy night’s rest and also an extra long choice that will fit even the biggest hunters.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The Gore Windstopper is the best of its kind, therefore, giving you absolute value for the money you paid for it. The manufacturer’s main aim is to produce a high quality sleeping bag which they have achieved by producing the Gore Windstopper. So, if you are worried because of the price, then you should think again because the Gore Windstopper is absolutely worth every penny.

Western Mountaineering sleeping bag on the grass

The Gore WIndstopper comes with a guarantee too, for example, if it happens that a part is missing after purchasing the sleeping bag, you can request for a new one through email and it will be delivered to you. If after purchasing the bag, you detect a defect, then you can also email them and it will be replaced for you.

The Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper bag is a piece of the Western Mountaineering miniaturized scale fiber sleeping bag. This bag is evaluated at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and regardless of its 7 loft inches and a total 30 ounces of Goose Down fill, this sleeping bag weighs just 2 pounds and 12 ounces.

This sleeping bag is likewise sufficiently extensive to fit the biggest outdoor devotee, as it features 66 shoulder girth inches and 41inches foot girth and is fabricated in lengths of 6.0-7.0. Western Mountaineering is an organization based in California, which has been producing ultralight down backpack sleeping bags in San Jose for more than 35 years. Ask from any individual who claims to have one of these bags: they are fabulous!

But they are costly since each model that Western Mountaineering creates is insulated with high-level compressible 850+ fill power goose down. This downgrade gives much better warmth holding with less weight compare to the 550-700 down power fill that you will discover in sleeping bags from different producers.

Close-up image of Western Mountaineering Kodiak

Western Mountaineering is well known as the pioneer in America made down sleeping bags. One of only few America made outdoor items on the market, the organization has never traded off on workmanship and quality for more than 30 years.

Their commitment to creating the most developed, technical sleeping bags is the reason mountain hikers from everywhere throughout the world who embark into the wilderness rely on their products for survival. One great feature that is significant is that Western Mountaineering creates their sleeping bags wider compared to your usual mummy cut.

We have always been an enormous fan of 0-degree sleeping bags because they are greatly versatile in Alaska. From the sandy shorelines of the Alaska Peninsula where monster chestnut bears call home, to the Kodiak Island desolate side hills where locating a place to grapple your backpack tent and escape the 70+ MPH winds, the Kodiak sleeping bag is sufficiently warm to coat your premise without trading off on total compressibility and light weight.

Western Mountaineering sleeping bag in a camp outside

This weight distinction is huge in a 20F degree sleeping bag just like the Western Mountaineering Ultralite 20; however, it gets to be distinctly enormous in a – 25F degree winter sleeping bag just like the Western Mountaineering Puma which features only 3 lbs. 7oz in weight.  Together with their great down, Western Mountaineering provides their bags with three distinctive external shell fabrics which are: ExtremeLite, Gore Windstopper, and Microfiber.


  • Warm to 15 degrees
  • Excellent stitching and construction
  • Awesome summer mountain camping sleeping bag
  • Extremely lightweight for the warmth
  • Anti-snag zipper
  • Shoulders neckline keeps warmth in


  • Confining mummy
  • Costly, but worth it
  • Restricted sleeping bag, not made for broad individuals

Not only is the Kodiak Gore Windstopper Sleeping Bag sufficiently enormous to fit a bear-sized backpacker easily, but at the same time, it is sufficiently warm to keep one sleeping throughout the night. Made with more than 30-ounces of lightweight, 850-fill power goose down insulation, this sleeping bag guarantees a toasty night’s rest for campers hoping to cut weight when tripping in the chilly outdoors.

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