Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag: Best Sleeping Bag for High Altitudes

A man in a Puma Gore WS Sleeping BagChoice of sleeping bag can define the success or failure of any camping trip. Whether it is hiking trip with friends, or a family camping trip, there are many choices out there. They arrange from down, to synthetic, and from two seasons to three seasons. With these many options, it is possible to be overwhelmed when buying, but luckily for you, this guide outlines all the factors you need to consider.

With this guide, you will make an informed decision about sleeping bags with ease. Similarly, you will have a chance to get more familiar with our favorite choice, the Puma Gore WS sleeping bag.

It is important to know that sleeping bags can be differentiated regarding size, shape, comfort rating, season rating and type of insulation. Regarding shape, we have three types of sleeping bags:

  • Rectangular
  • Mummy
  • Semi-rectangular

Rectangular sleeping bags

They are more popular and especially because they are roomier compared to mummy. This feature makes them most suitable for people who like moving in their sleep. They are also very adaptable as you can open it completely to make a comforter or join two from the same manufacturer to make a twin bed.

Rectangular sleeping bag on the grass

They are the best bags if you are looking for space plus they are quite affordable, unlike the mummy sleeping bags. However, they are bulkier and hence not the best for backpackers. They are also not as warm as the mummy.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

These bags have the best insulation and hence the warmest on the market. Mummy bags are extensive at the shoulders and narrow at the feet and hence the best for contoured bodies. They also possess a hound, which you can use to cover your head while sleeping.

 Marmot Plasma 30 sleeping bag in a tent

They are mostly preferred because, in addition to being warm, they are also lightweight. The mummy bags are also easy to compress and hence the most suitable sleeping bag for backpackers. Unfortunately, they are not are not a 100% perfect; they are restrictive, and you might not enjoy sleeping in them if you move a lot in your sleep. They are also expensive compared to rectangular sleeping bags.

Semi-Rectangular Sleeping Bags

Semi-rectangular bags are a simple rectangular bag which tapers at the feet. It is warmer than a regular rectangular sleeping bag, but it has a disadvantage that it is restrictive at the feet.

Globe Semi-Rectangular Sleeping Bags on the ground outside

Both mummy and rectangular sleeping bags have their pros and cons. However, the person using the bag will find that at the end of the day where you are going camping, the kind of climatic condition you are camping in and how much room you need while sleeping among other requirements is what will guide you in making an informed decision.

Avoid buying rectangular sleeping bags while going hiking backcountry. Despite being roomier and inexpensive, they are bulky and cumbersome, and they end up adding weight to your luggage. Mummy bags, on the other hand, are made to retain heat as well as minimize the weight. When you are not considering the price, these are obviously the best.



The Puma Gore WS come with a storage sack which you can use to store your bag. The sack can be rolled into the shape of a volleyball making it easier to carry. You should also expect a mummy and large shape which will be big enough to house even the obese individuals. Its vast dimensions will help generate enough air circulation in warm weather situations.

Puma Gore WS sleeping bag laying down in the house

The shell that comes with the Puma Gore WS makes the sleeping bag ideal for virtually all kinds of weather conditions. During the severe winter weather, the shell of the Puma Gore WS keeps you from getting cold and also regulates itself to warm weather. The shell of the Puma Gore WS is windproof; it is practically waterproof and also breathable.

Design and Durability

The Puma Gore WS is excellent in its craftsmanship as a result of the delicate stitching and consistently circulated 850 fill down power. The manufacturers of the bag take pride in making all their products perform well and last for a very long time. The Puma Gore WS compresses into a moderately sized compression sack, and they are very true to their temperature ratings.

Design-wise, the Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag is a mummy in shape. As we all know, mummy shape offers enough room for numerous kinds of the body so as to feel comfortable when you sleep in it. The Puma Gore WS also come in different sizes to be able to accommodate most body types. Furthermore, if you are a person who is fond of rolling around or sleep in any preferred position, don’t worry, the Puma Gore WS spacious design will surely accommodate you.

Man in Puma Gore WS sleeping bag near another 2

The hood of the Puma Gore WS can be detached during summer when the heat is much to allow more air in the sleeping bag. It can fit comfortably in the winter. For more aeration, you can lift your limb to allow adequate ventilation if you feel there is more heat in the sleeping bag. That is the advantage of a large mummy design.


Type of insulation determines how warm a sleeping bag will be. It also helps in choosing the right sleeping bag for a particular kind of weather or location you will be camping. In this category, we have down and synthetic sleeping bags. The down bag has a small fine layer made of bird feathers in the interior. Down insulated bags are preferred because they are lightweight and easy to pack. They are also excellent for heat retention.

Close up of Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag

However, they take a lot of time to dry and once wet they lose all their heat retention features. They are also very expensive compared to synthetic insulated sleeping bags, while the synthetic bags are made of plastic fibers. They are cheaper than down, and they have the capabilities of retaining heat even when wet.

They are also easy to preserve and care for in addition to drying fast. Their only problem is that they are bulkier than down and not as warm as down. The Puma Gore WS are made with a down insulation type.


The Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag is extraordinarily warm if we liken it with other sleeping bags on the market today. This is made possible simply because of its fill down, which has a power of 850. It makes sleeping to be relatively warm to tolerate freezing conditions.

Man sleeping in Close up of Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag

The hood of the bag is in charge of abundant warmth during winter. You also do not need to put on thick socks because the foot box of the Puma Gore WS offers enough heat.

Temperature Rating

Since we are all different, temperature rating should be used merely as a guideline on the most suitable sleeping bag. Most manufacturers take the trouble to put a sticker showing how cold it can get and the amount of warmth that bag will offer you.

Man getting up in a Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag

The month you are hiking, and the elevation should work as a guideline while choosing temperature rating. The Puma Gore WS have a temperature rating of -25 degrees Fahrenheit, which is fantastic for the freezing winter weather.


The Puma Gore WS is a bit heavy compared to its competitors in the market today. The sleeping bag weighs a massive 6.1 pounds. We believe the manufacturers didn’t do enough regarding the weight of the Puma Gore WS.

A 6' Puma GWS laying down

The sleeping bag would have been perfect if the weight was a little less than 6.1 pounds.


The size of a sleeping bag is a major factor that a buyer needs to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags, including the Puma Gore WS, are designed to be used by a single person. If you buy the Puma Gore WS, it cannot be used for two individuals, but if you are plump or fat in size, the Puma Gore WS Sleeping bag comes in various sizes.

Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bags on the Ground and a gorgeous landscap in the background

The sleeping bag comes in different sizes ranging from Extra-long, long and regular. All are meant for just one individual, but varying size. The prices might differ though, for example, the amount of the Extra-long might be different from the long.

Whether you are a wide-carried fellow, a tall woman that likes moving around during night times, or somebody that simply does not like being wrapped too tight in a mummy sleeping bag, this is the one you prefer most. This bag offers heaps of space to make sleeping a lot more comfortable.


The Puma Gore WS are versatile in the sense that it can be used for various outdoor activities including hiking and camping. There are situations where you go to mountains and rocky grounds; the Puma Gore WS are the perfect bags for these situations.

Two adults in Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bags in the wilderness

The sleeping bag also protects you from different weather conditions.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The Puma Gore WS is one of the best sleeping bags you will find on the market today, consequently, giving you complete value for the money you paid for it. The Western Mountaineering’s main aim is to produce a high-quality sleeping bag which they have achieved by creating the Puma Gore WS. So, if you are worried because of the price, then you should think again because the Puma Gore WS are worth every penny.

2 Puma Gore WS sleeping bags

The Puma Gore WS come with a limited lifetime warranty. The sleeping bag can be used for a much extended period of time. Enjoy!

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